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Saturday 12 October 2019


Weigh in: 8:00am - 9:00am                        

Competition: 9:00am - 4:00pm



Adelaide Convention Centre, North Tce, Adelaide (Tarntanya Wama)


Event Information

ITF Style Patterns - Individual

WT Style Poomsae - Individual

ITF Style Patterns - Team (3 persons)

WT Style Poomsae - Team (3 persons)

ITF Style Sparring

WT Style Sparring

Self Defence Demonstration (2 persons)

Creative Forms Demonstration


Sparring Weight Class:
Men - Under 60kgs, 60-69kgs, 70-79kgs, 80-89kgs, 90kgs+
Women - Under 55kgs, 55-65kgs, 66-74kgs, 75kgs+


Age Groups

30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

Age Requirements

Age is determined as at 31 December 2019

Minimum age for competition is 30 years.


Participation Fees

Games Entry Fee: $110.00 per person or $99.00 per person for people aged 70+

(the above entry fees will increase to $137.50 and $126.50 respectively as at 3 August 2019)

Please note: All transactions are subject to a PayPal charge (1.5% of total amount due +$0.30).

Further details available in the Games Entry Terms & Conditions.


Sport Entry Fee: 

$70.00 per person (first event)

$20.00 per person (per additional event)

Number of Participant Requirements

Minimum number of participants required to conduct competition: 30 participants across all age groups and events.

Minimum number of participants required to conduct age groups: 2 participants

Any age group that does not have a minimum of 2 participants will be combined with another age or weight group.


Additional Information

A participant can enter in as many events as they want.

Weight and age categories may vary depending on the numbers of participants registered. This will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director to add, alter, delete or amalgamate weight and age divisions depending on registration numbers.

Competitors are required to wear a standard dobok (long pants, long top and belt according to their level). Any colour is fine.

Sparring competitors must wear and provide their own equipment:

  • ITF Style - approved boots/glove, groin guard and mouth guards are compulsory. Forearm and shin guards are optional.
  • WT Style - approved (full colour) chest protectors, groin guards, shin guards, head guards (matching colour to chest guard or white), gloves. Foot gloves are accepted and optional as long as they are the matching style to the hand gloves. Mouth guards are compulsory.

Electronic scoring will not be utilized.

All participants must bring their Games accreditation pass and one (1) other form of identification for weigh in/registration.


Event : Creative Forms Demonstration

  • Categories (1) : All participants will be combined regardless of style
  • Gender: Male and Female will compete in separate categories
  • Ages: All age categories will be combined
  • Restrictions: Participants may only perform ONE individual demonstration
  • If incorporating weapons, only blunt or padded weapons may be used.(no live blades)
  • If performing breaking, only pine or plastic boards may be used (no bricks, concrete etc)
  • Required Time of Presentation: Maximum 2 minutes
  • Goal of Presentation: To entertain the audience using multiple methods of demonstrating martial arts skills. Presentation should be fast paced, high energy, exciting, dramatic, and fun to watch
  • Judging Criteria: Scoring will be based on overall individual performance. The primary criteria being showmanship, presentation and quality of execution.
  • There will be 3 judges. Scores will run from 1 -10. The highest total score will be the winner.


Social Function

More information will be available shortly on Taekwondo's specific social program.

There will be a pre-match social get together of Taekwondo participants on the evening of Friday 11th October from 7:30pm at The Playford Hotel, 120 North Terrace, Adelaide.


The competition will be conducted under rule, adapted for the event - AMG Taekwondo Rules.


For sport specific enquiries contact:

Tournament Director: Michael Muleta

Phone: 0419 321 732



For registration and general enquiries contact:

Contact: Andrew Georgiou

Phone: 08 7089 0030


*Please note that all information is subject to change

Countdown to the end of the Early Bird entry period

36 days 20 hours 56 mins
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