Australian Masters Games

A Passion For The Games Prompts a Trip Downunder

Chris Guscott - 7 October 2015

A Passion For The Games Prompts a Trip Downunder

A love for a sport knows no age restrictions and badminton player, Soi Wah Lum, is a prime example of this.

The 74-year-old, from Singapore, is taking part for the first time in the Australian Master Games.  He took up badminton as a young boy and his life- long passion for the sport is clearly evident when he speaks.

“Badminton is my game, I don’t like any other sports.  I’m not a professional badminton player, I’m an artist,” Lum said.

His enthusiasm for badminton, along with a high level of fitness for someone of his age, has helped drive the athlete to complete all of his singles and doubles matches at the Lockleys Badminton Hall. This was his goal before the tournament.

“I’ve played badminton for a long time. I play three times a week, sometimes four… I’m very active. I like to run around, jump around,” Lum said.

Badminton’s oldest competitor knows that whilst results may be hard to come by with much younger competition, there’s more to the game than just winning.

“I like this particular tournament because I can make a lot of new friends.  I really like it here,” Lum said.

“I play lots of different types of people, and they’re all friendly. They’re also all gentlemen.”

The Australian Masters Games is regarded as one of the premier and largest mass sporting participation events in the country and aims to promote the benefits of long term health and wellbeing.

The 15th Australian Masters Games are being held in Adelaide, October 3-10, featuring more than 10,000 participants from across Australia and around the world.

The Australian Masters Games is proudly sponsored by the South Australian Tourism Commission through Events South Australia. 

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