Australian Masters Games : Volunteers

Volunteer Information

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Australian Masters Games and make a huge contribution to the success of this event. Without the generosity and enthusiasm shown by our team of almost 1000 volunteers, much of what we offered would not have been possible.

Our 17AMG volunteer team travelled from near and far. Their ages spanned 70 years and their experience beyond measure. Some of them were students, some retired, some took annual leave from fulltime employment and some were regular volunteers within their chosen sport. Their diversity ensured an ever-changing, always engaging atmosphere, while their unique contributions ensured excitement and passion were always at the forefront of our Games.

It goes without saying that their efforts, time, commitment, passion and constant smiles were appreciated beyond words. Thank you to all 17AMG volunteers for an incredible contribution!  

Countdown until the Games begin

144 days 21 hours 7 mins

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